The Event

I asked my Lords and Masters of my Records about the upcoming “Event” I heard so much about on the internet. What is the nature of this “Event,” what can we expect here on this planet to experience and when will it happen?

What it is your referring to as the Event is multiple “Events” should we say. This wave of energy, coming for the cosmic Sun (central sun) moving through the portal of your present sun is an event in the sense that it has been many thousands of years since this happened to Earth/Gaia and it is time for her ascension along with man – it comes with great anticipation for those who are aware of it coming, for it brings great upliftment, consciousness raising and light. There is nothing to fear for those on the earthly third dimensional plane – for it will not be painful but a high frequency light that will fill the body and soul and consciousness with a much needed upgrade. Those who have been “service to others” will be able to hold more light and able to calibrate the vibrations in such a way to utilize it to help themselves and others that are not as easily assimilating this light. Be of no fear, those who have a hard time with this light will be taken to healing domes to recalibrate and work through the transformative energies that may bring them great discomfort at first as they are not used to this high vibration.

Those of higher vibration who are healers will be working with these beings so they may assimilate this new energy and come back to live in it. Those of a lower vibration who may be more “service to self” may have to leave the earth altogether as their vibration doesn’t match and they cannot exist in this higher frequency. They will either transition or be moved off world. There is nothing but loving energies here with help from all over with benevolent beings. The nature of the Event is pure love and hope for the future of a new earth being born by those who co-create with a benevolent heart. This is an ongoing influx of energies that will ramp up and become more intense, bringing mankind into a higher and higher state of consciousness. It is the beginning of a great new world. Have no fear. Rejoice. This is what you have been waiting for. Most importantly is to stay calm and know you manifest more quickly now in this higher frequency – be of a high benevolent mind with visualizations of a peaceful and harmonious world and so it is. The rolling waves of energy has already started – as we do not have your sense of time, from our vantage point, outside of time – past, present and future are now. But to put it in perspective as close as we can, the waves will continue for many more years to the culmination of the new earth. Expect a strong wave in the beginning of 2018 of your time cycle to get it really going. Be like a child – enjoy the ride – the wild adventure of a new life!

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