Universal Sphere

Universal Sphere


The Universal Sphere is a process that allows you to connect and resonate with the Perfect Universal Resonance, merging with this level of perfection which is centered in your heart. The Universal Sphere allows you to feel and experience your Universal Connection to the heart of the Universe.


How Can It Help Me?


The Universal Sphere can give you an easy way to bring the perfection of Universal Energies into your life and easily increase your manifestation of:


  • Manifest improved outcomes to events and situations in your life
  • Bring in new solutions to challenging problems
  • Help improve your relationships
  • Feel greater inner Peace every day
  • Help you live a more heart-centered life
  • Embody Clarity to make wiser decisions
  • Heal on multiple levels: your mind, physical and light bodies
  • More easily connect to and express unconditional Love
  • A Greater Connectedness to your Higher Self
  • Expand your consciousness to the level of the Unified Field
  • Experience Deep Relaxation
  • MORE!


Although each session is approximately 30 minutes, clients have reported lasting benefits long after the session is over such as:


  • Inner Calm
  • Balanced Chakras and Energy
  • Physical and Energetic Healing
  • Emotional Healing and Mental Clarity
  • Spiritual and Self-evolution and Healing
  • Reduced Fear
  • Activated Energy
  • Heightened experience of the 5 senses


The Universal Sphere can benefit humans, animals, plants, homes, and businesses. It can be facilitated in person as well as at a distance with equal effectiveness.


When you purchase this, we will email you a booking link to easily schedule your 3 Universal Sphere sessions at a day and time that is convenient for you.


You can use all 3 sessions for yourself or for other members of the family, or for your pets.


We will contact you using the phone, Skype, or Zoom connection depending on your preference.


We recommend booking your first session then waiting approximately 1 week before booking your 2nd session so you can see and feel the benefits of your first.


Universal Sphere Session (By phone, Skype or Zoom ) 


​            $30 for one Universal Sphere session


​           $90 for 3 Universal Sphere sessions


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