• What if you could move passionately forward on your soul path, knowing you are living out your true purpose in this life with confidence and joy?
  • What if all the knowledge, wisdom, answers to your deepest yearnings, hope for the future was at your beck and call for the asking if you knew how to access it?
  • What if everything you ever wanted to know about what’s ailing you, your relationships, where they originated and where the root cause of your suffering came from could be discovered and that you could heal the root cause of that suffering?
  • What if you could know what your perfect job is, and the next steps to take to bring about that perfect career of your dreams, leading a life of abundance?
  • And what if that missing part of you that you lost somewhere along the way can be reclaimed and brought back into the wholeness of your Divine Essence?

This is what happens and more when we access your records in the Akasha where all the answers, clearing and healing resides – a dynamic repository that holds information about every soul and its journey. Access to the Akashic Records has long been considered the privilege of a select few. Now this infinite source of wisdom and healing energy is available to you to answer your questions both big and small. While some people use prayers to access the Records, others gain access through hypnosis. Still others have been able to tap into the Records by using symbols of the healing practice known as Reiki. And yes, there are those who have been able to access the Records as a result of their meditation practices and other forms of consciousness development.


The work we do together, honoring me as your consultant in this reading, along with the help of the Beings of Light heals you at a very deep heart level, opening your records with a prayer. You WILL feel their unconditional love and reverence for your journey. All you have to do is allow their love in.

What is an Akashic Record Reading Like?


  • During an Akashic Record reading you are bathed in the energies of your Akashic Records and can receive physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic healing to the problem or ailment that is being examined while in your Akashic Records
  • You get practical and unconditionally loving answers to those challenging problems in your life
  • You get answers to help you with your business, your health, your relationships (from the perspective of your Soul and its wisdom)
  • You get answers to questions you can’t answer because it was past life events are affecting you in this lifetime and receive healing from this affect.

To create any change in our lives, we need to take affirmative action in the direction of the change we desire.

Booking an Akashic Record consultation is a powerful start to living the life you know deep down, you want to life with clarity and the love you deserve.

Our work together may help you experience:


  • A huge shift that takes the stress out of your mind and body, clear & create a powerful picture of what is possible
  • Deep insight that resonates with you
  • Validation about your intuitive insights and your soul’s path
  • Profound solutions for difficult situations
  • Healing of past wounds
  • Past life information that clears blocks & fears

In a 50 minute session, we can cover approximately 3-4 questions depending on the depth and healing you desire. In the 80 minute we can cover approximately 5-7. Your Personal Akashic Record Reading can be done in person or at a distance (nationally and internationally) over the phone or Zoom. For no extra charge we can record your session and email the recording to you in MP3/4 format for later review.


You may choose to start with one Akashic Healing Session to assist when you have questions and are ready to finally receive soul guidance and direction. Or choose a series of sessions to facilitate deep healing of lifelong patterns, childhood traumas, health issues, unconscious beliefs and past life karma that is blocking your success.


I look forward to working with you in this sacred way.


Book a Session:

Book a Session and start your journey here. After you have booked a session with Sidni, the Scheduler will come up for you to pick a date which will be in the PST time zone. Schedule a date and a Welcome page will be sent to you with an explanation on the Akashic Records and how to prepare for your session. Enjoy this amazing experience!


50 minute Personal Session $165

80 minute Personal Session $250

Select Option


“Sidni is lovely. She was able to get answers to so many questions I had. I have had readings with others but she is the best! I have had several sessions with her and they are always wonderful and fulfilling.”

Pam L., Steamboat, Colorado


“When it comes to healing, vulnerability and delicate issues are an inevitable barrier.  I have had the honor of visiting my Akashic Records not once, but twice, with Sidni.

The immense clarity, understanding and PEACE that entered my Soul and Spirit is irreplaceable and long-lasting.  During one session we were able to pinpoint the nagging heaviness of burden upon my shoulders through past lives  – the clearing and healing that the Beings of Light in the Records were able to facilitate was life changing.  The lifting of these burdens was a breakthrough where I have experienced a lightness and clarity I have not felt in years.”

You will not be disappointed.

Yolanda C., Northern California


“The world has been waiting for the help that Sidni is offering.  She is a clear conduit channel who comes to guide each specific individual’s needs for the deep understanding for higher evolvement and profound forgiveness!  Immeasurable is this work and so highly recommended by the Divine Beings of Light!”

Liza X., Northern California


“I had a wonderful session with Sidni. It was very revealing and life-changing. I wanted to know what was behind my shoulder (rotator cuff) pain. My sister was experiencing the same problem at the same time with the same arm. In the session I discovered why we were going through it at the same time. She did surgery and I was determined to heal it in a natural holistic way.
I had some fascinating discoveries that really got to the root of things. I noticed the pain in my shoulder subsided right away after the reading.


I feel Sidni is such a clear channel and was wonderful to work with. It was one of the most dynamic profound readings I have ever had.”
Sincerely, Janine S., Cross Roads, TX


“I love working with Sidni. She enters a higher dimensional state and reflects back to me the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the Akashic Record Keepers and other Divine Beings that she calls in.

 I can see my history from their perspective. The Divine Beings also act as a healing team for the problems that I bring to their attention.

 I love my appointments with Sidni and intend to keep coming back for my personal elixir from the Divine.”

Sincerely,  Heidi T. in Calistoga, CA

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