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Sidni Williams is a Certified Hypnotherapist (Alchemical and QHHT), Akashic Record Consultant, Reiki Master and Universal Sphere Practitioner. Since she can remember, Sidni pondered, “What is my purpose here to fulfill – what are my gifts to humanity?”   With this seeking mind, at 17, the real journey began – the road to uncover where her true self lie – in the core of her being, growing stronger every day – developing an indestructible core of absolute happiness with a spiritual practice. This opened a whole new door of realizations – gifts of what she could truly offer began to blossom and reveal themselves – not only was singing a passion but she realized sound had a great healing effect and awakening in her audience – thus the emerging of a sound healer.

She realized that the primary source of much suffering is due to low vibrations and living in low energy fields – thus she learned how to utilize positive energy as a Reike Master, Reconnective Healer and a Universal Sphere Practitioner to help raise one’s vibration and their ability to heal oneself and the world around us.

On a deeper level, she took the journey with two great hypnotherapy teachers, David Quigley (Alchemical Hypnotherapy) and Dolores Cannon (Quantum Healing Hypnosis) which delved into the root cause of one’s suffering, as far back as that may go – whatever past life it may be found in, to root it out and transform it from that very prime point – bringing that lost and traumatized part of the soul back into integration into the whole.   With these two perspectives as an Alchemist and a Quantum Hypnosis Healing practitioner – the Higher Self (super conscious) can be met and thus a deep relationship develops, changing core beliefs at the very root from negative to positive, discovering one’s inner guides, healer and Higher Self. Her greatest joy is to help others discover their true selves, realize their full potential – becoming empowered to create the world they wish to see through these healing techniques, prayers and exercises.

The journey continues – with great anticipation and wonder – learning how to access the Akashic Records has brought everything to a whole new level – not only for herself but for others – as accessing one’s Records, one can discover one’s soul purpose, gifts, why we are here on this planet at this time and why you are going through what you are going through. But more than just the discovery, is the clearing and healing that takes place in the high vibration of the Akasha, clearing old beliefs and tendencies so we can move forward with, clarity, grace and empowerment.

It is with great honor and humbleness that Sidni brings you Alchemical Empowerment – a culmination of these transforming modalities to break through to the very core of your being – your life – integrating your divine essence -blossoming into being everything you came here to be. She is dedicated to you getting to the root of your concerns, healing and clearing with the help of your Super Conscious and Akashic Masters. Come journey with her to discover the realms of the deepest mysteries of your life – the realms of your infinite soul wisdom.

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